Weathering the Storm: Al Wathba Insurance Stands Firm with its Customers

In the wake of unprecedented weather events across the UAE, Al Wathba Insurance emerges as a resilient and customer-centricity insurer, showcasing unparalleled support for its customers during these challenging times.

As the volume of claims surged by more than 150% in the aftermath of the weather events, Al WathbaInsurance rose to the occasion, demonstrating unparalleled efficiency and compassion in claim processing. Despite facing a sudden influx of claims and support inquiries that strained operational capacity, the company implemented extended operating hours and bolstered resources to render support to its customers. Through regular updates via multiple channels including calls, emails, SMS, and the intuitive mobile app, Al Wathba Insurance ensured that affected policyholders remained informed and reassured throughout the claims processing journey.

Muralikrishnan R, Acting General Manager said, “Al Wathba Insurance’s ethos of proactive care extends beyond mere words. Well before the weather events unfolded, we took decisive action, reaching out to our policyholders with timely advisories and expert guidance on safeguarding themselves and their assets. This proactive approach underscores our unwavering commitment to empowering and supporting our customer.”

Recognizing the importance of technological innovation in enhancing customer experience, Al Wathba Insurance’s mobile app and online claims submission portal emerged as a game-changers in simplifying the claims registration process. By offering a seamless and user-friendly platform for claim submission, the company alleviated the administrative burden on customers, enabling swift and hassle-free assistance when it mattered most.

Despite challenges, over 70% of claims stemming from the weather events have been successfully processed and attended to, highlighting the company’s efficiency and dedication to customer satisfaction. Moreover, repairs or full settlements have been completed for over 55% of the affected vehicles, showcasing an ability to deliver tangible results in the face of adversity.

Al Wathba Insurance has emerged as a steadfast partner to its customers, embodying corporate responsibility and unwavering support. Through proactive engagement, innovative approaches, and a steadfast dedication to service excellence, the company sets a standard that uplifts the industry and fosters trust among its customers.

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