Ground breaking achievements at Parkinson’s Centre of Excellence king’s College Hospital London Dubai

The Parkinson’s Forum held at Dubai Police Officers Club transcended boundaries of medical excellence and community engagement. Graced by dignitaries Sheikh Faisal Bin Obaid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Rashid Bin Nasser Al Nuaimi, this visionary event was orchestrated by the People of Determination Empowerment Council of Dubai Police in association with Friends of Parkinson’s UAE and King’s College Hospital London Dubai.

The gathering featured renowned Parkinson’s specialists from the UK and Europe, including Dr. Vinod Metta, Professor Ray Chaudhuri, Dr. Guy Chung-faye, and others. Moderated by Dr. Vinod Metta and Mr. Huzaifa Ibrahim, the forum had over 250 attendees, including patients, families, and community members. Notable figures like Kimberley Pierce, CEO of Kings College Hospital London Dubai, and Prof. Hani Bin Amer also attended the event. Eng Ahmed Abdulla Majan and representatives from the People of Determination Empowerment Council were present as well.

A historic collaboration between King’s College Hospital Dubai and Friends of Parkinson’s UAE, the First Emirates Parkinson’s Book promises to revolutionize Parkinson’s care in the region. Spearheaded by a dedicated team of specialists led by Dr. Vinod Metta, Professor Ray Chaudhuri, and Dr. Guy Chug-Faye, visiting King’s London specialists, this monumental achievement marks a significant milestone in Parkinson’s care in the UAE.

Initiated in 2020 with one patient, King’s College Hospital Dubai’s Parkinson’s Centre of Excellence now serves over 1,000 patients, showcasing the unwavering commitment of healthcare professionals despite pandemic challenges.

The First Emirates Parkinson’s Book, a culmination of years of research and patient-centric care, addresses diverse aspects, including treatment guidelines, medication management, dietary recommendations, exercise regimes, swallowing techniques, driving considerations, and the complex interplay with relationships, including sexual health.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Obaid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Rashid Bin Nasser Al Nuaimi Unveil Historic Book

The event marked the release of the First Emirates Parkinson’s Book in Arabic and English where Sheikh Faisal Bin Obaid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Rashid Bin Nasser Al Nuaimi unveiled the book, titled “Parkinson Unfolds in the Sands of Emirates,” presenting the first copy to Mr. Abdul Rahman Majan, a senior Emirati Parkinson’s Patient featured on the cover page.

A musical performance by the Dubai Police band, accompanied by a showcase of Dubai Police’s supercar for people of determination with Parkinson’s was one of the highlights of the forum. Students from the Safety Ambassadors Council of Dubai Police added a youthful spirit to the occasion.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Obaid Al Maktoum remarked, “This event is a beacon of hope, showcasing the synergy between healthcare excellence and community empowerment, creating a transformative impact for Parkinson’s patients. My heartfelt gratitude to People of Determination Empowerment Council of Dubai Police, Friends of Parkinson’s UAE and Kings College Hospital. Your unwavering commitment is a testament to the power of unity in the pursuit of a better future for those affected by Parkinson’s. Together, let us continue to empower and uplift the Parkinson’s community, forging a path of compassion and innovation for a brighter tomorrow. Wishing boundless success to this noble cause. As we witness the dawn of a new era in Parkinson’s care, let us carry the torch of hope and progress forward. Together, we shall continue to pioneer advancements that resonate far beyond this Forum, reaching every corner where the impact of Parkinson’s is felt.”

Sheikh Rashid Bin Nasser Al Nuaimi added, ” Participating in the Parkinson’s Forum has been a profound experience, witnessing the convergence of expertise led by esteemed Parkinson’s Specialists, unveiling new treatments and unveiling a beacon of knowledge through the inaugural book mark a paradigm shift. In this unity lies the strength to overcome Parkinson’s challenges and usher in a future of improved care and understanding. Together, we embark on a journey to empower and uplift, not merely through words, but through tangible innovations that promise to redefine the narrative of Parkinson’s care in our community.”

Dr. Vinod Metta, Consultant Neurologist at King’s College London Dubai said: “As a co-author of the groundbreaking First Emirates Parkinson’s Book, this Forum marks a pivotal moment in our collective journey toward redefining Parkinson’s care. My sincere gratitude to the People of Determination Empowerment Council of Dubai Police and Friends of Parkinson’s UAE for their unwavering support. To all Parkinson’s patients and their families attending, your presence is the driving force behind our commitment. May this resource be a beacon of empowerment and knowledge, guiding us towards a future of enhanced understanding and compassionate care for those affected by Parkinson’s.”

The Parkinson’s Forum in Dubai stands as a testament to compassion, and collective determination. With its array of specialists, insightful discussions, and the historic book launch, not only marked a significant leap forward but also united the Parkinson’s community in a shared journey towards hope, support, and innovation.

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