Frenia Unveils Its Seasonal Debut with a Spectacular Zodiac-Themed Pink Moon Fashion Showcase

Nestled in voco Dubai The Palm, Frenia, a Mediterranean oasis of relaxation, announces its much-anticipated seasonal opening, distinguished by the captivating Pink Moon Soirée on April 23rd. The soirée will showcase a unique convergence of fashion and astrology, presenting a “fashion horoscope” styled by Dubai’s own Leisha Naik. Renowned for her visionary approach to fashion, Leisha Naik will curate a stunning collection of 12 ensembles, each inspired by a zodiac sign. This fashion show promises an evening where style aligns with the stars, offering guests a personal touch of the cosmos tailored to their astrological signs.

In collaboration with acclaimed local brands EMILIA OHRTMANN, Endless, and Glam On You, the soirée is not just an event but a celebration of new beginnings and innovative fashion narratives. Set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean-inspired Frenia, the evening will blend the tranquil charm of the region with the dynamic vibe of Dubai. Attendees can look forward to a night filled with fashion insights, delectable canapés and live DJ entertainment—all while enjoying breathtaking views of Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

Leisha’s involvement goes beyond styling; she’s set to transform the way attendees see and engage with their wardrobes. Known for her sustainable fashion initiatives like The Wardrobe Detox and Shop Your Wardrobe, Leisha will offer valuable tips on how to refresh one’s personal style sustainably and confidently. Her guidance on dressing according to both shape and zodiac sign promises to be both enlightening and empowering.

As horoscopes enjoy a renaissance in popular culture, the Pink Moon Soirée takes this fascination further, weaving it into the very fabric of fashion. This event promises to be a cornerstone for Dubai’s style enthusiasts, offering a novel twist on horoscope-inspired styling solutions that promise both fun and flair.

Frenia’s commitment to redefining Dubai’s social and dining scenes shines brightly with the launch of its Full Moon series, starting with the Pink Moon Soirée. Each event in the series will introduce a fresh and unique flair, perfectly blending fashion, fun, and unparalleled hospitality. Whether you’re a free-spirited Sagittarius or a radiant Leo, step into Frenia’s embrace this season. Join us for an evening where fashion meets the cosmos, offering an unparalleled blend of style and stellar hospitality.

What: Pink Moon zodiac-themed fashion soirée

When: 23 April, 7.30pm onwards

Where: Frenia rooftop lounge, voco Dubai The Palm

Contact details: +971 (4) 249 5555,

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