Evolve your living room aesthetics to the ultimate in high art with LG

We have all seen it, a standard living room with all the furniture pointed at the TV wall. On that wall a standard TV, either wall-mounted or placed on a TV unit. However, this is too simple, and often lacks a certain personality. On the other hand, high art is all about personality and certain elements in your living room can really help you elevate it to achieve a ‘high art’ status. One of these key elements is your TV, and with LG’s new lineup you have the perfect solution to level up your living room, infinitely.

A TV is always the centerpiece of attention in any living room. However, TV designs have reached a nexus point of being nothing but just a rectangular box. LG changes all of this with a unique perspective towards television design ethos.

Take for instance the LG OLED Pose, a 55-inch 4K Smart TV that boasts an all-round design. Winner of the IIF Design Award 2023, this TV from LG comes with a stunning design that looks beautiful from any angle as it seamlessly blends into the room décor. With its unique rounded edges, the LG OLED Pose features a quiet and neutral look, while its muted and calming beige finish is soft to look and touch, creating a new style in your room. The back of the TV can not only be used as a magazine rack, but also a space to store cables and accessories, while cables can be run through its legs. To top it all off, the TV can even switch to a frame for art, breathing new life into your room.

Cables are the biggest enemy to a clean setup and it’s the last thing you want to see dangling around your TV near your room. Sure, you can be a pro at cable management and hide cables by drilling into walls or even routing them along other things, but the LG OLED evo M3 comes with a more elegant solution. This 4K smart TV, available in sizes from 77 inches to 97 inches boasts an advanced Zero Connect feature, which is your cable nightmare solution. This iconic wireless design, refined over 10 years, will help you create an uncluttered space by having all the connections placed into the Zero Connect Box and away from the TV. Not only does this create a more immersive experience, but it allows for better design and even removes any and all hassles of connectivity.

If your idea of a living room design ethos is more focused on creating a viewing experience, then the 88-inch LG Signature OLED ZE 8K TV is the way to go. Not only does this TV top the charts in terms of display quality, be it through perfect colors, darkest blacks or even accuracy like no other, but this flagship TV from LG does also not shy away in terms of design either. More than just a TV, this innovation from LG is a strong statement to what the brand believes TVs should look like, with its larger-than-life appearance and logic defying visual experience.

A TV can play a significant role in the visual aesthetic of your living room and has to blend in seamlessly with your design ethos. Not to fret, as LG will surely have one that is perfect for you.

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