EVIS 2024 – Driving Tomorrow Today

This May, the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS 2024) is set to transform the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre into a hub of electric mobility innovation. With the summit taking place from May 20-22, EVIS 2024 welcomes all to a groundbreaking event dedicated to the future of sustainable transport. This year’s summit and exhibition introduce unique attractions such as the Outdoor Test Drive and an accurately portrayed Tech Park, promising to be an engaging experience for all attendees.

The Outdoor Test Drive offers a unique chance for participants to experience the latest electric vehicles firsthand, enjoying the swift acceleration and quiet operation that distinguish EVs from their gasoline counterparts. This opportunity provides a deep dive into the advancements of electric vehicle technology, amplifying participants’ understanding and enthusiasm for electric driving.

The Technology Park at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS) serves as a dynamic hub for innovation, showcasing the latest advancements in e-mobility. Designed for universities, technology incubators, and startups, it is dedicated to fostering the future of e-mobility. Key highlights include the Student Innovation Award, recognizing outstanding projects in EV and e-mobility from students, and the Startup Awards, celebrating entrepreneurial ventures driving innovation in the industry. These awards provide valuable recognition and support for the next generation of innovators and startups.

“EVIS stands at the forefront of shaping the future of transport,” states Eng. Naser Ali Al Bahri, Managing Director of Nirvana MICE. “Our mission extends beyond showcasing technology; we aim to not just immerse our guests in the innovation that powers electric mobility with attractions like the Outdoor Test Drive. The Tech Park, designed to foster and nurture the next generation of leaders in e-mobility, provides a platform for universities, technology incubators, and startups to showcase their innovative solutions. These features not only highlight the excitement of e-mobility but also spotlight the next generation – a testament to our commitment to a future where electric mobility is at the heart of every journey.”

Registration is now open, inviting enthusiasts and the curious alike to immerse themselves in this progressive journey at EVIS 2024. Click here to visit and get free access to the event.

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