Dahua Technology Middle East elevates regional presence after landmark joint venture with Saudi Arabia tech firm ALAT

Dahua Technology Middle East, a leading provider of video-centric AIoT solutions, has announced its strategic collaboration – a new joint venture – with Saudi Arabia tech firm ALAT, further solidifying its commitment to the region’s development and growth in the tech space. The partnership comes on the heels of Dahua’s recent expansion in the region.

The collaboration represents a significant milestone for Dahua Technology as it embarks on manufacturing AIoT products tailored for smart cities and enterprises in Saudi Arabia after its recent expansion in the region, according to Gary Li, Vice President of Dahua MENA and GM of Dahua Saudi Arabia. Anticipating the roll-out of the first product by the end of 2024, the joint venture signals a long-term commitment to enhancing local infrastructure and fostering economic growth, which contributes to realizing the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030. “As a key regional player, we make decisions based on the goals our key markets have. This latest collaboartion of ours is purely driven by Saudi Arabia’s grand plans to make its economy diverse, encourage new ideas, and create a brighter future. The government’s focus on smart cities and big projects fits perfectly with what we believe in, and at Dahua, we see it as a great opportunity for us to showcase our expertise in smart video solutions as we work together to make a positive and meaningful as part of Saudi Arabia’s push towards a safer, smarter future, All of these objectives constitute key pillars of the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ” said Li in an exclusive interview, highlighting why the kingdom is one of Dahua MENA’s most “important markets.

Dahua’s Saudi Arabia subsidiary will continue to operate independently, ensuring seamless service delivery to clients. The establishment of the joint venture will bolster manufacturing capabilities in the region without compromising daily operations or branding strategies.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the logistics gate to all GCC and the three continents

Initially, the focus will be on manufacturing CCTV project-based products, with plans to expand into distribution products and other categories in the future. While negotiations regarding brand usage are ongoing, Dahua will remain committed to prioritising its brand presence in the Saudi Arabian market.

“The sales model will remain unchanged, ensuring continuity for local distributors, system integrators, and end-users. Clients across the region including our exisiting ones here in KSA and all MENA region can expect enhanced access to cutting-edge AIoT solutions tailored to their specific needs,” added Li. The joint venture’s manufacturing facility will streamline local supply chains, accelerating product delivery for projects in Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries in the GCC and wider region.

Both Dahua Technology and ALAT, a recently formed PIF company, will support with technology enablement, testing labs and demo centres, manufacturing technology products in the region as part of the new joint venture to produce and market solutions for safety and surveillance use that are applicable in Intelligent Cities, as well as Intelligent Buildings and Enterprise Applications.

ALAT and Dahua Technology will invest $200 million (Dh734 million) to reach their targets.

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