Yasmina in Yango Play: revolutionising entertainment with personalised, culture-rich interactions

Yasmina is a human-like AI assistant that speaks both Khaleeji Arabic and English and is deeply connected to the local culture. It is currently available exclusively within Yango Play, the first AI-powered entertainment super app combining video streaming, music, and mini-games in one place. App users can experience Yasmina’s unique functionality and human-like interactions.

Here are a few features that set Yasmina apart and ensure a more personalised and seamless Yango Play experience.

AI with a human touch

Yasmina understands major Arabic dialects and has a unique ability to engage in authentic, consistent, and enjoyable conversations. You can have a friendly chat with the assistant and even ask Yasmina to tell you a joke. 

Music expert

Yasmina suggests songs and plays music that suits your mood. You can just say, “Yasmina, play relaxing music”.

AI-driven entertainer

Yasmina is a treasure trove of entertainment knowledge. It can provide fun facts about actors and movies. 

Cultural guide

Yasmina caters to both Arabic speakers and those interested in learning about the Arab world. It can recite surahs from the Holy Quran or tell you the Hijri calendar date and time.

Helpful companion

Whether you need to check a weather forecast, today’s date, or a prayer time in any city of the world, Yasmina is there to help you throughout the day.

One tap away

Yasmina is available on smartphones to all Yango Play subscribers in the GCC and Egypt, ensuring a seamless, user-friendly experience that is just one tap away. 

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