Travel Tricks, Explores Collaboration Opportunities in GCC for 2024 MICE Events

Travel Tricks, a distinguished provider of bespoke travel experiences and corporate event management, with its Head Office based in Hong Kong is now also having its footprints in Dubai, UAE. Charu Surtani, a visionary, an entrepreneur and managing director of Travel Tricks boasts a remarkable three-decade journey in the travel industry. She is recognized as one of the best MICE experts for Hong Kong, Macau, and China, She brings over 27 years of invaluable experience having cultivated her expertise in Hong Kong for 31 years, and in Southeast Asia. Charu embarked on a new chapter in the UAE last year with an extension of her operations in Dubai. Under her visionary leadership, the company steers towards fresh horizons with an optimistic goal of extending services to other GCC countries as well.

Recently, the company embarked on a visit to Bahrain to explore collaboration opportunities and evaluate the potential for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) events within the region for the year 2024. This initiative underscores Travel Tricks’ steadfast dedication to broadening its service offerings and delivering unmatched travel experiences to its discerning clientele.

“Travel Tricks is dedicated to delivering unparalleled travel experiences to our clients, and our commitment to exploring new destinations and opportunities is pivotal in achieving this objective,” stated Charu Surtani, Founder of Travel Tricks. “Our visit to Bahrain provided a platform to establish connections with local partners, comprehend the unique attributes of the region, and lay the groundwork for innovative MICE events that surpass our clients’ expectations.”

Charu Surtani’s recent trip aimed to establish partnerships and identify venues and opportunities conducive to hosting successful MICE events in Bahrain. By immersing herself in the local culture and networking with industry stakeholders, Charu sought to pave the way for exciting ventures and enriching experiences for Travel Tricks clients in the upcoming year.

In addition to its exploration of Bahrain, Travel Tricks has been actively involved in orchestrating exclusive travel experiences and corporate events across the GCC and South Asian countries. These endeavors highlight the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

“We recently had the privilege of organizing a Qatar Airways Familiarization (Fam) Trip in Hong Kong, courtesy of Travel Tricks. This exclusive excursion offered participants a firsthand encounter with Qatar Airways’ world-class service and amenities, while immersing them in the vibrant attractions of Hong Kong. Participants garnered invaluable insights and cherished experiences, setting the stage for future collaborations and enhanced travel experiences with Travel Tricks and Qatar Airways.”

Furthermore, Travel Tricks adeptly coordinated a large-scale MICE event for the Dalmia Cement Group, accommodating a group of 900 attendees in Hong Kong and Macau. Through meticulous planning and seamless execution, Travel Tricks ensured a flawless and memorable experience for all participants.

“From orchestrating venue logistics to coordinating transportation and accommodations, our team executed every facet of the event with precision and professionalism. The event served as an ideal platform for the Dalmia Cement Group to achieve its objectives and cultivate meaningful connections, underscoring Travel Tricks’ proficiency in delivering exceptional corporate events.”

Travel Tricks’ active participation in the “Sattee” event with the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) further underscores the company’s commitment to exploring opportunities within the Hong Kong market and beyond. Collaborating with HKTB demonstrates Travel Tricks’ proactive approach to business development and its keen interest in engaging with a wider audience to promote its offerings within the travel sector.

Moreover, Travel Tricks is expanding its leisure sector to cater directly to consumers (B2C), further enhancing its reach and service offerings within the travel industry.

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