The Six Board Game Café Introduces “Suhoor with the Gang”

With Ramadan fast approaching, The Six Board Game Cafe, the iconic home-grown café cherished by both food enthusiasts and board game lovers, presents “Suhoor with the Gang”, an exciting post-iftar experience poised to redefine Suhoor traditions.

“Suhoor with the Gang” sets the mood for the most memorable post-iftar gatherings. It provides a perfect setting to connect with friends after a family iftar for a memorable evening combining games, cherished moments with friends, and hand-picked suhoor items from the café’s revamped menu.

Guests have the choice of two stunning locations: Downtown Dubai, with its Burj Khalifa vistas, and Dubai Marina’s Emaar Beachfront, both featuring ample outdoor seating. The a la carte menu at each venue boasts a range of comfort foods and perennial favourites such as salads, sliders, sushi, pizza, and pasta, catering to even the most discerning palates. Moreover, for just AED 45 per person, visitors can access an extensive collection of over 1,000 board games, along with the advantage of extended hours at each venue.

The Six Board Games Cafe makes a perfect destination for unforgettable evenings during the month of Ramadan, encouraging guests to savour delicious food, play, laugh and create lasting memories well beyond the Holy month.


Emaar Beachfront: Sunrise Bay Tower, Emaar Beachfront. Open daily from 9am until 1am during the month of Ramadan

Dubai Downtown: Burj Vista, The Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, across Burj Khalifa. Open daily from 9am until 3am during the month of Ramadan.

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