Novel Foods pioneering global food revolution of healthy sugar substitutes at HiConf24

Abu-Dhabi based Novel Foods Group, a global pioneer in the alternative proteins sector, has today furthered its position at the forefront of revolutionizing the global food industry, by announcing its participation at a key global event HiConf24 in Dubai on 29th February.

Using the platform of this globally significant event, Novel Foods will highlight its groundbreaking efforts in the development of innovative sweeteners, as well as outlining its aim to establish the UAE as a global R&D, production, and manufacturing hub, for the industry.

During HiConf24, Novel Foods will also seal planning contracts with esteemed engineering companies. This landmark agreement marks the commencement of the planning phase for the construction of a cutting-edge production site for sweet proteins in the UAE, the aim being the adoption and assimilation of a wide range of sweet protein products into the mainstream global food chain.

A key benefit of alternative proteins is improved human health. By replacing sugar as a sweetener in foodstuffs – without sacrificing on taste, as with former sweetening products – a radical reduction in the ill-effects of sugar consumption on the human body can be achieved. In addition, its biotechnology approach helps realize a more environmentally friendly way to produce food, over traditional farming and agribusiness practices.

As consumers increasingly seek healthier and more sustainable alternatives to food production and manufacture, Novel Foods is clearly stepping up to meet this growing demand in the global market.

By leveraging this innovative technology, companies such as Novel Foods are facilitating the collaboration of international consortiums of R&D professionals and scientists. Therefore, such innovative solutions are poised to revolutionize the way we think about sweeteners, and radically reshape how global food production and consumption will look – for generations to come.

“At Novel Foods, we are committed to driving positive change in the food industry by offering healthier, sustainable, and more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional sweeteners,” said Alaa Al Ali, Board Member of Novel Foods. “Our sweet protein products represent the next generation of sugar substitutes, providing consumers with a healthier option to sweetening food products, but without compromising on taste, quality, or posing any adverse health effects.”

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