Digital Extension of Original Italian Masterpieces—for Collectors, Museums, and Galleries.Numbered. Authenticated. Framed.

Embark on a historical journey and seize the opportunity to own iconic masterpieces as Cinello — an Italian company focused on heritage and technology — unveils an extraordinary digital collection at ART DUBAI 2024 (1/2/3 March). Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello, Amedeo Modigliani, and other iconic creators come to life digitally, courtesy of Cinello’s groundbreaking Digital Artwork (DAW®) initiative.

In an exclusive collaboration with leading museums and contemporary artists worldwide, Cinello has pioneered a new digital realm for art: the DAW®. DAW® brings universal masterpieces, such as Da Vinci’s “Scapigliata,” into the digital era with unmatched precision, authenticity, and exclusivity.

Commenting on Cinello’s participation at Art Dubai, Franco Losi, CEO of Cinello, said, “We are delighted to participate in the 2024 edition of Art Dubai by presenting a selection of iconic female portraits from art history in their digital form. We strongly advocate for digital platforms as sustainable and eco-friendly tools for disseminating and preserving the world’s artistic heritage. Recognizing the Middle East’s enthusiasm for innovation and the future, we anticipate fertile ground not only for market opportunities but also for the emergence of engaging digital art exhibitions in Dubai.”

fuse*, the multidisciplinary art studio that investigates the expressive possibilities of digital technologies, said, “We have chosen to collaborate with Cinello to explore a new format and medium through which to present our works. We believe that the use of DAW® can be a fascinating way to introduce video works even to collectors who have not yet experienced the world of digital art, or who feel uncertain about approaching it. The possibility offered by Cinello to offer collectable video works, almost as if they were physical works like prints or paintings, allows us to exploit this medium to create specific productions of our installations for a collector’s context, without compromising the integrity of the original audiovisual work. For example, in the case of “Unseen Flora”, from which the four pieces on display at Art Dubai are derived, DAW® allows us to preserve the component of metamorphosis and continuous transformation that characterizes the botanical figures represented.”

Cinello’s globally awarded patented technology empowers collectors to own original digital artworks, presented as DAW® serigraphs. DAW® are fortified with proprietary, unbreachable multi-security encryption, thwarting unauthorized duplication or dissemination attempts. The technological prowess of DAW® ensures each digital artwork is irreplicable, guaranteeing its distinctiveness. Every DAW® is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity jointly signed by Cinello and the respective museum, attesting to its legitimacy.

Maintaining absolute exclusivity, DAW® are produced in a limited edition under the strict control of the artist or copyright holder. This exclusivity enhances the value of DAW® artworks, appealing to Collectors seeking rarity in digital assets and long-term investments. Tailored for Collectors, museums, and institutions, Cinello provides an exclusive solution for owning or exhibiting immovable masterpieces of artistic heritage and contemporary artists.

Exclusively at ART DUBAI 2024, Cinello will showcase a captivating selection of female portraits by Da Vinci, Raphael, Bronzino, and Modigliani, bringing Italian beauty and heritage to the heart of vibrant Dubai. At the fair (by IMMATERIKA booth), Cinello will also showcase contemporary digital artists who have fully embraced DAW® technology to seal their pieces. From internationally acclaimed masters like Fabrizio Plessi to emerging talents like YOU (Matteo Mandelli) and fuse*, Cinello continues redefining digital art’s boundaries.

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